Our Staff

Tracey Byram
Cruise and Travel Specialist

Brooke Byram
Travel Specialist

Our Mission

Blue Planet Travel was created to provide and help today’s traveler and vacation planner sort through the thousands of options and destinations to choose from.

Our Cruise and Travel specialists offer insightful guidance and assistance when arranging that long awaited vacation.

What this means to you, is our time is devoted to you, and towards finding the best vacation within your budget – and making each memory one of a lifetime.

We all recognize that the travel industry has changed over the past decade, and for the better, in that you can now gain more information and travel to more destinations than ever before – the sad part is that life and travelling is far more complicated getting to and from A and B.

The use of the internet to buy travel has, for a lot of vacationers, brought home the reality that you get what you pay for, and for some not even that!

Therefore seeking out a company like ours, where our reputation is built on customer satisfaction and dedicated to your full enjoyment is a smarter choice.